The Beauties & The Beasts #11

PATHOS Penpal Project

Deutsch-Amerikanischer Briefaustausch zwischen Antigone Akgün (DE) und John L. Peacock (USA)

Im Rahmen der Reihe «King Kong und die weissen Frauen»

Dear Jon,

it’s the end of January – may I still wish you a Happy New Year?

This month never wants to end, at least it seems so to me. And yes, over there at your place, a multitude of historical events have already happened so far…

Of course, I have followed them all, whether voluntarily, or because they ran on all screens, newspapers and flooded social media. Often, so it seems to me, that here in Europe we look very concentrated and focused on the USA: people living in Eurocentrism need something to look up to, otherwise they would expose their Eurocentric life, so they establish a USAcentrism for themselves.

As for the events surrounding the storming on the Capitol, I agree with your view and I am also very grateful that you shared this perspective with me. After all, on the Internet, everyone is now transfiguring his/her opinion into the truth or is trying to explain complex issues via the ever-present 2-3 images.

Nonetheless, when it comes to politics in the U.S., I often feel like I’m witnessing a continuous performance spectacle: Everything seems so big, is loaded with tons of meta-levels, seemingly nothing is left to chance (even in the case of the Capitol storm, everything seemed to me to have been staged to fit perfectly). But maybe life always seems staged when you look at it with a certain distance.

In any case, I think political visibility is important, because it reveals that politics should be a social matter, at least in a well-functioning democracy, and therefore it is good if politics remain present and accessible. Of course, it would be even better if politics were always transparent and not just on festive occasions.
How do you see the political events of the last few days? Are you also a fan of Amanda Gorman? And what is your assessment of the new government?
I’m still undecided, because on the one hand I think it’s great that with Kamala Harris, for example, people are now influencing the discourse who can also take on a symbolic function, but on the other hand it seems to me that the symbolic function can also distract from the actual deeds and motives of the individual person.
I would be very interested to hear how you see this …

Here in Germany every day feels somehow the same (we are still in lockdown) and as a freelancer it is up to you to make your day exciting and productive. At the same time, there’s always something to work on for a performance-release-date that might not even exist – it really irritates me: how much content theaters are producing right now, only to put it in the freezer. Will the freezer ever be opened again? And how will they deal with such a backlog of projects? On the other hand, it should not be misunderstood that people have to be paid and so its really important that they can continue to work. Just … how endangered is the human psyche to get sick, if its work will have just a little chance to shine in the daylight?

Ah, and of course there’s a lot of time to think about yourself across the time continuum. About one’s own mistakes that need to be changed. Plus, it’s raining all day. Ideal setting for a SCI-FI film about depression.

Anyway, soon this very long month will be over, just like everything else (oh, I wonder if I’ll rediscover nihilism for myself this year?) – let’s see what follows.

Glad to read from you in any case!

All the best,




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